Welcome to - a new, revolutionary and simple way of keeping track of all of your bookmarks and favorites. Out with the old way of doing things - in with the new - which will allow you to see all your bookmarks together in a simple, functional and efficient way. brings you the best of two worlds. Under your "world", you set up your very own properly named categories into which you place all your important bookmarks and favorites. They will be visible and easily accessible at all times - so much so - that you may want to make it your home page.

Under the "other world" we bring you links to some of the most meaningful websites that we have found through constant on-going research; they are listed under various categories for easy access and are updated continually. You switch between the two "worlds" simply by clicking the "Public Bookmarks" tab key on top of the page.

We subscribe to the adage - "A picture is worth a thousand words" - thus if you click here on Public Bookmarks, you can see and test how this fully functional side of our website works. You would be setting up your own private bookmarks in similar fashion. We even have a brief Tutorial that you may want to click on and read. It is so brief, we are almost embarrassed, but things are truly that simple - what else can we say?

Incidentally, our website was designed to work flawlessly with the iPhone, iPad and other smart phones and tablets, as well as desktop and laptop systems using Microsoft, Mac or Linux - thus you are never without your bookmarks regardless where you are.


Setting up your bookmarks/favorites for the first time could not be any easier.
  1. First, you need to set up headers for the various categories you want to save your bookmarks under. Simply click on "Bookmarks Manager" and add your new category. You can add as many categories that you like - no limit!
  2. Now it's time to place your bookmarks under the proper categories you have set up. Once again you simply click on "Bookmarks Manager" and then click on "Add a Bookmark" - simple as that.


Simplicity has been our motto from the get go. You want to re-name a header section? or change or delete an existing bookmark that you have created? Simply click on "Bookmarks Manager" and you can edit or delete anything you would like in a jiffy.



There is no better way for you to appreciate our new, revolutionary way to access bookmarks than to see it in actual operation. Frankly, we are so very proud of our innovative product and would like nothing more than to share it with you. Thus, please sign up for our FREE 90 DAY TRIAL and enjoy our labor of love. No credit card is required - we are sure that you will like what you see!