The simplicity and functionality of HelloBookmarks.com leaves us with only a few items that we would like to share with you - to make your navigating experience even more enjoyable.
  1. Everybody loves a bargain - thus you will be pleased to know that you are actually getting two systems for the price of one. One system allows you to manage and control your own personal bookmarks/favorites in what ever way suits you the best. The other system, Public Bookmarks is handled and maintained by us and is continually updated. This is where you find links to the latest and best websites under various categories. We do our homework so that you can benefit by it. Simply click on "Public Bookmarks" and you have arrived!
  2. You have two choices to view the various categories that you have set up. One choice is to see all the categories together, the other is to see each category separately. Simply toggle between "View by Category" or "View All Bookmarks". It is that simple. The same option is also available to you when you are in the Public Bookmarks section.
  3. Please note that all Category Headings are alphabetized. The bookmarks under each category are also alphabetized - all for your ease of navigation.
  4. You can manage your account by clicking on "My Account". Here you can change your email address, change your password and manage your subscription.
  5. SORRY - we could not think of anything else - everything is so simple! Thus this is the end of our Tutorial.